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A greeting from TSVMC

This master class, led by Nobuko Imai, a leading violist in the music world, and three of her internationally active successors, targets violists from around the world with a strong desire to learn more from the quartet.


The pastoral natural landscape of Tamba Sasayama allows you to experience history and culture while learning more. This culminates in a student concert where you can unveil your new achievements.


The final day concludes with a rare opportunity to see the four instructors in performance as The Imai Viola Quartet.


Lessons are available to all people interested in discovering more about the world of the viola and the way its sound resonates

in the majesty of Tamba Sasayama.


 We look forward to your visit.


Tamba Sasayama Viola Master Class Executive Committee


In addition to myself, The Imai Viola Quartet consists of Veit Hertenstein, Wenting Kang, and Nian Liu. They are musicians I highly respect and who have much to offer the student body as instructors.


A new master class is poised to begin with myself and this team of experts in Tamba Sasayama, located in Hyogo Prefecture.


Drawing on my experience with a viola master class held in Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture for 15 years, we have launched this new program as an opportunity for people of all ages and nationalities, from students to professionals, to learn more in Tamba Sasayama.


Students of the viola face various challenges, as do professional violists. Even after becoming a professional player, the challenges ahead are many.


The Tamba Sasayama Master Class allows those facing a variety of challenges on the route to mastery of the instrument to further their studies with us.


Tamba Sasayama is a historic castle town. It is a wonderful location rich in natural scenery that allows you to experience Japanese culture up close. We look forward to meeting you all soon in Tamba Sasayama.


Nobuko Imai

A greeting from Nobuko Imai

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