A greeting from TSVMC

Greetings for the Viola Master Class 2022 in Tamba Sasayama, which has just begun.

The first class of the Tamba Sasayama Viola Master Class was scheduled to begin in March of 2020 but had to be canceled due to the new coronavirus sweeping the world since 2020. However, in March 2021, we held the first Master Class of the year with various infection prevention measures. The students who gathered at the Tamba Sasayama Municipal Rural (Den-en )Symphony Hall were able to talk to Prof. Nobuko Imai. Three other instructors and four students who could not come to Tamba Sasayama were connected remotely. Prof. Nobuko Imai amazed us by the simple yet beautiful way she taught the viola, covering everything from viola basics to vibrato techniques and other advanced expressions of musicality.

The coronavirus pandemic will stay with us for some time. However, encouraged by the success of the first class, we will hold the second Tamba Sasayama Viola Master Class from March 28th to April 3rd, 2022. All four instructors and eight students are preparing to hold lessons and concerts in Tamba Sasayama.

The lessons that were only available via streaming last time will be held at the Den-en Symphony Hall. It would be a great pleasure for all of us, the Executive Commitee, if many viola fans and music lovers would come to the castle town of Tamba Sasayama to enjoy the wonderful viola lessons and concerts with Prof. Imai as well as overseas instructors and carefully selected high-level viola attendees  in and out of Japan..

We hope that all musicians, instructors, and attendees will perform freely and that the audience will be able to enjoy their performances to the fullest in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The TSVMC Executive Committee


A greeting from Nobuko Imai


In addition to myself, The Imai Viola Quartet consists of Veit Hertenstein, Wenting Kang, and Nian Liu. They are musicians I highly respect and who have much to offer the student body as instructors.


A new master class is poised to begin with myself and this team of experts in Tamba Sasayama, located in Hyogo Prefecture.


Drawing on my experience with a viola master class held in Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture for 15 years, we have launched this new program as an opportunity for people of all ages and nationalities, from students to professionals, to learn more in Tamba Sasayama.


Students of the viola face various challenges, as do professional violists. Even after becoming a professional player, the challenges ahead are many.


The Tamba Sasayama Master Class allows those facing a variety of challenges on the route to mastery of the instrument to further their studies with us.


Tamba Sasayama is a historic castle town. It is a wonderful location rich in natural scenery that allows you to experience Japanese culture up close. We look forward to meeting you all soon in Tamba Sasayama.


Nobuko Imai


Dear Violists,

Tamba Sasayama Viola Masterclass is a great opportunity to study and learn from one another. During an intense week you will find us, a team of very experienced teachers, play chamber music and find inspiration for your music all surrounded by beautiful nature.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

A greeting

Veit Hertenstein


The viola is an instrument that enables you to explore and distinguish your own voice, imagination of sound, and personality.

Its roles range from solo work, or leading voice, to the inner voice, and more. In our viola masterclass, we focus on various repertoires in detail. We always try to discover and expand the possibilities, both in instruments and musically.

We truly look forward to working with very talented young violists, as well as drawing inspiration from the great works and insights of wonderful colleagues in the beautiful Tamba Sasayama.

Wenting Kang


Nian Liu


Dear Violists,

I look forward to seeing you in the Tamba Sasayama Viola Masterclass 2022. I am honored to be able to work with you, to explore and discover together the beauty of the viola. Let the viola's unlimited possibilities enrich our pursuits.