Master Class



March 22nd (Mon.) - 28th (Sun.), 2021

Lesson venue

Tanba Sasayama Den-en Symphony Hall 

Remote lessons connecting Japan, Germany, Spain, China, and South Korea


7 Japanese students and 3 South Korean students among the students who were scheduled to participate in Tamba-Sasayama Viola Master Class 2020.

Public Release

There are no public lessons at Tamba-Sasayama Denen Symphony Hall.

  •  Selected lessons from Tamba-Sasayama Viola Master Class 2021 will be available on PIA as paid broadcasts after the completion of the Master Class.

Fee: Lesson Video collection ¥1000
Registration period: March 14th to April 26th
Viewing period: April 12th 10:00 to April 26th 20:00


program : here




Private lessons

In general, students will receive 2 lessons of 50 minutes each from the 4 lecturers.

Ensemble Lessons

In Tamba-Sasayama Viola Master Class 2021, Professor Nobuko Imai, who provides lessons in Tamba-Sasayama, will provide 2 lessons of at least 60 minutes each regarding various pieces of viola ensemble music to the 5 Japanese students receiving lessons in Tamba-Sasayama.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique

The 6 students who will receive lessons about the Alexander Technique in Tamba-Sasayama may each receive lessons of 30 minutes per day up to 2 times during the Master Class.

Student concert

Students will perform a piece of music of roughly 10 minutes from the pieces of music covered in the lessons during the Student Concert on March 28th (Sun.).

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